Brandon Bass is a Manhattan-based architectural photographer specialized in interior design photography.

During the two-decades long career, Bass has worked with well-known architects, and interior designers, blue-chip brands across the East Coast, shooting photos of interiors and exteriors, newly finished construction builds and luxury real estate. Born and raised in New York, Bass was, at a very young age, inspired by the landscape of New York City. When he was just four years old, he visited the Plaza Hotel and its Champagne Bar. Mesmerized by the details and how the light enriched the space, he decided to pursue a career in architectural and interiors photography.

What makes Bass’s work is so recognizable is the fact that he tends to create a natural feel of the images, followed by a light temperature, allowing the spectators to enjoy the beauty of the interior design elements. When creating art, Bass has only one rule: in interior design photography, the emphasis should be on the design itself 一 catching visual moments in the space by providing tighter compositions and focusing on the details is a priority. Bass uses a tighter lens when needed and is not afraid to play with the black and white images.