The Enchantment Resort in Arizona

In the middle of 2018, I was feeling exhausted from all the projects I completed. I was working for 17 hours a day, and I need a break.

When I mentioned it to my friends, one of them, Jack, suggested I visit the Enchantment Resort, a luxury resort in Arizona. I checked it online and booked a room. Just a week later, I got to the resort. And I was in Heaven.

The service was flawless. Their spa day brought me tears of happiness. But, what I, as an artist, find intriguing was the beauty of the rocky canyons and the sharp and modern lines of the resort architecture. It was mesmerizing.

So, I decided to take a couple of photos, and the resort Manager was more than happy to include them on the resort’s site.

You can check out all the images I took here.